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A development tool made for all

Setting up the interactive kiosk and camera only takes a few hours
and your club can finally connect with his staff, coaches and players using a unique social platform!

Simple as ABC

An Interactive Kiosk

A big touch screen,
really usefull for your video sessions.

A camera

An HD cam,
suitable to all tennis courts,
with a top quality resolution.

A web app

The videos and analysis
on our website
in a few minutes only!

process 2

A revolutionary tool

With mojjo, you finally have a fun way to make your players progress

  • Follow your players progression,
  • Analyse their matches,
  • Use the videos when you're training!
process 3

Suitable for every level

Beginner, leisure player, competitor? Mojjo can make you progress while having fun!

  • Automated match summary
  • Serve and return statistics
  • key points detection

Nothing's worth a demo

Check our interactive game sheet right now!

See the game sheet
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A technological feat

Our algorithms can recognize the players, the field, track the ball moves, and then calculate all the statistics you need in a tennis match.

We also cut out all the downtime from the final video. You can then focus on your game, mojjo's handling the rest!

process 3

A video player
that makes things easy

Relive your matches like you always dreamed of

  • Navigate from one point to another by using the arrows
  • Go straight to the game you want to see
  • Find all the interesting points on the timeline
Match summary

In just 2 minutes, get a summary of your match, and share it without moderation!

Navigate thanks to the score

Go from point to point
and find the games
that matters!

without downtime

Save time by only watching when you actually play
(15 mn per 1h).

Video training

show your players their moves directly on the kiosk.

Returns analysis

On which side do you best return? How many points did you score after the second serve of your opponent?


How many break points did you win?
How do you deal with key points?

Rally efficiency

Short rallies, long rallies, analyse your weaknesses!
Watch the most contested points in on click!

Serves analysis

Filter your first and second serves by zone or by won points.
See all your serve speeds!

At your service

Want to test mojjo on one of our courts? Have any questions?

The team

C. Chevalier


E. Witvoet


J. Vernay