Connect your club. Enliven your community!

The simplest connected court solution.
Works with only one camera.
Davis Cup Winner (1991 & 2001), invested in mojjo.

Show me how it works!

Why is MOJJO so cool?

MOJJO delivered to your club. Install it in hours.
HD Camera + mast + tactile computer.
1 HD camera for another point of view.
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MOJJO deletes downtimes of all tennis videos.
MOJJO calculates all match stats on our apps and website
MOJJO shows you on court video with zoom and slow-motion.
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Your members chat with their coach or with their friends.
Parents receive child’s video lessons. Coach shares them in a click.
The automated tournament allows them to challenge others and see their matches
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mojjo in numbers

recorded videos

Connected tennis made simple

Simple to install...

Wifi on the court Minimum upload bandwidth: 0,5 mb/s. Electricity in the axis of the net Standard 110/240V AC Setup kit easy to install Simpler than IKEA furniture

... simple to use

No login!
Match formats for all levels
Replay mode for immediate debrief
Videos & stats sent directly to your account
Kiosk interface matches court's color!

What's so different about MOJJO?

We designed the first connected tennis solution that is so fun and easy to use that players of all levels in the clubs use it!

That's why!

Serve & return Speed, %, points won, heatmaps, etc.
Mental strength Break points, important points
In the game % of FH, BH, heatmaps, volleys, etc.
Consistency % points won vs rally length
One click sign-up & challenge
Automated ranking
Video and stats for all competitors
Follow your friends or pupils Coaches track student progress
Social networks video sharing Animate your club's page with great content
Coaches share kid's trainings with parents Offer parents videos or their champs ;)

They've got mojjo!

Dominique Agis-Garcin


In charge of I.T and digital development

« After having tested mojjo with the District’s technical management, we concluded that mojjo brings incredible benefits to tennis players, whichever their level. »

« Today, for a General Manager, it’s crucial to build member loyalty. By installing mojjo in your club, you create an event that all will talk about with a tool that all players will use. »

Sacha Barrier

General Manager

Courbevoie Sport Tennis

Sébastien Hourçourigaray

Tennis Director

Anières Azur Tennis Club

« mojjo quickly became a mandatory animation tool for the club, particularly with the automated challenge tournament. And thanks to the new stats available, it has become a great tool to monitor students progress for the competition coaches by allowing them to refine tactics exercices with the kids. »

Awesome... And affordable

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Subject to court compatibility with system installation. Additionnal custom and shipment fees may apply.